Mount Sinai Hospital Interfaith Chapels

Studio A+T was commissioned by Mount Sinai Hospital to upgrade their places of worship within their main campus. Originally comprised of a Synagogue, and a non-denomination space serving Muslim and other faiths, Mount Sinai felt the need to provide a more specific design that better served the different religions and beliefs.

Studio A+T managed to design 3 different distinctive spaces:

  • The synagogue, being the more independent of the spaces, received a cosmetic renovation that included a new mechitza, and Ark for Torah scrolls and storage area for religious books.
  • The Mosque, with a Mihrab oriented towards Mecca, ablution area, prayer rugs and shoe storage.
  • The Chapel, that could pose as a meeting space for any faith, it comprised of a pew area, a prayer space and an Altar.


1468 Madison Avenue, New York, NY


Mount Sinai Hospital


1,446 sq ft


Completed (2019)

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