Six Avenue Condominium

Utilizing a plan that minimizes structure and stairs, this small residential tower overlooks the Prospect Expressway and has an adjoining park space enhancing views in and around its small site. The upper three stories have Western views out to the mouth of the Hudson River and were designed with balconies to take advantage of these views. The exterior divides the façade into smaller elements breaking down the composition into Eastern and Western sides and the Eastern views lookout from the bedrooms to the parks along the expressway. The blue wall delineates the building from its neighbors to the South while creating the lot line separation required by code. The goal of the design is to use simple materials in a more sophisticated way to create an interesting and distinctive façade that distinguishes it from its neighbors while respecting the urban fabric that the apartment building is in.


Brooklyn, NY


SIZE 7,200 sq ft


Completed (2014)

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